YUGEN Kyoto Japanese Tea and Matcha cafe

We were lucky enough to stumble across this quiet Japanese tea café and specialty store in Kyoto. We first discovered YUGEN on a trip in 2018 where we tasted the best matcha we had ever tried. Years later and many trips to Japan since, the YUGEN blends remain our favourite Japanese matcha. 

YUGEN has created a place where everyone is welcome to stop by and enjoy delicious Japanese tea. Both seasoned tea lovers and travellers new to Japanese teas can come and enjoy carefully selected teas and sweets to match.

Focusing on curating a range of the finest single origin green teas, YUGEN emphasises the transparency of origin for all their tea products. With a primary focus on Kyoto and Uji tea, YUGEN provide the highest quality Japanese tea and matcha from across the country.

A selection of YUGEN's loose leaf teas, matcha blends, and thoughtfully sourced tea tools can be found in our collection.

A green tea farm in Kyoto Prefecture, Japan
Pouring water into a Japanese ceramic teapot with Japanese green tea leaves
A black Takayama chasen matcha whisk in a bowl of matcha