Kimura Glass

Since its inception in 1910, Kimura Glass has been favoured among cocktail bars and restaurants across Japan. Dedicated to super thin, lightweight, and original masterpieces, Kimura Glass has created a range of elegant and sophisticated glassware made to last with daily use.

Since their first collaboration in 1980, Makoto Komatsu and Kimura Glass have crafted a range of incredibly unique, handblown drinkware. The crumpled shape of the glass twists and turns, creating a perfect grip your hand.

Makoto Komatsu considers his Crumple Series to be one of his most important series in his life’s work.

The original design for the collection’s whiskey glass remains in the permanent collection of the MoMA, New York.

A crumpled whiskey glass by Kimura Glass on a tatami mat
A filled frosted crumple whiskey glass on a table top
A frosted crumple cocktail glass held in hand