Warosoku Daiyo

“The slow burning of the Japanese candle is gentle, yet it warms and lights up your life from within.”

Daiyo was establish in 1914 and its artisanship has been passed down across four generations. Their traditional techniques and craftsmanship were refined and perfected as the the time passed. Their principles of making candles from the blessings of nature have remained unchanged since its establishment more than a century ago.

Using only locally based plant wax, Daiyo’s artisans meticulously craft their candles by hand.

By using a sustainable resource, their Japanese candles are made for home-use and do not produce smoke nor does the melted wax drip from the candle. Daiyo’s candles are odourless and environmentally friendly.

Their candles are ideal for yoga and meditation as the burn time is predictable and short, perfect for a moment of mindfulness.

Daiyo family members working together
Daiyo candles being cleaned up before packing
Daiyo Japanese candles being dyed red