Senryuzan Kiln

Senryuzan Kiln was founded just before the end of the Edo period in 1826. Since then, it has honoured the traditional spirit and culture of Hagi yaki. Now, lead by Akira Yoshiga, Senryuzan Kiln continues to practice traditional methods of the craft.

On our recent visit to Hagi, we joined Yoshiga-san for a tour through their studios and Hagi yaki museum. We met many of the small team while they worked on various stages of their Hagi yaki pieces. They still make their own clays and glazes using traditional techniques and continue to carefully craft each piece on wooden kick wheels. 

The team of artists working in the same studio allows them to fire in their woodfire climbing kiln twice a year. The kiln has four large chambers which are all filled during every firing. After the kiln has been kept at temperature for over 24 hours it is left to cool for a full week before unloading.

Each of these traditional practices are symbolic of Senryuzan Kiln's approach to Hagi yaki. Our favourite pieces from the kiln can be found in our collection.



Wedging clay at Senryuzan Kiln in Hagi
Senryuzan Kiln's custom ash glaze in a large pot
Woodfire kiln flames hitting ceramic bowls