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OKAERI Australia: Traditional Japanese Crafts & Gifts

A curated collection of artisan Japanese homewares

YUGEN matcha being prepared with a white Takayama chasen matcha whisk

Welcome Home

Our unique collection of traditional crafts are handmade by skilled Japanese artisans. Embodying a rich history and heritage, each piece is designed to last a lifetime. OKAERI welcomes you home with cultural and essential wares intended for you to cherish and enjoy every day.

Candle making by Daiyo in Japan

japanese craftsmanship

In their enduring pursuit of excellence, Japanese artisans dedicate their lives to the stewardship of culture through their craft. Their care and mastery create unparalleled beauty: the art of perfecting every product.

A close up of a washi paper lamp being made by Asano Shoten craftsmen in Gifu, Japan

from Japan to Brisbane

By bringing our entire curated range to Brisbane and Australia, we aim to celebrate and share the meaningful connections and stories from our artisan makers and local Japanese artists.

Discover the exceptional artistry and rich traditions being kept alive by Japanese artisans

Pouring water into a Japanese ceramic teapot with Japanese green tea leaves
A Hagi yaki ramen bowl on a white background
A lit rice wax candle next to a box of rice wax candles