Okaeri (お帰り- pronounced O-KA-E-RI)

It means 'welcome home'! It's a warm, welcoming phrase used with gratitude towards the person arriving back safely.

Anyone who has visited Japan understands its allure. Even with its rapid advancement, it retains a rich and enviable cultural heritage and a deep appreciation for ancient traditions. 

Traditional Japanese Crafts are respected and sought after around the world. Japanese craftsmen exhibit a dedication to not only the end product, but the proper process and traditional techniques used to create it. Items are diligently crafted with intention, ensuring every step of the process is executed to perfection. 

We are committed to sharing not only the craft but also the stories of the skilled makers who breathe life into each creation. Each curated piece is a connection to its maker.

Our collection includes a range of traditional crafts and essential items for thoughtful living.  We strive to create and share through our humble store with the same unwavering dedication and purpose as our wonderful makers. 


At OKAERI, we believe in purposeful living. Everything we offer is crafted with durability in mind, designed to withstand the rhythms of daily life. Our collection embraces sustainability, featuring products made from natural and sustainable materials.

Beyond the items themselves, we minimise our environmental footprint wherever possible. We seek opportunities to repurpose our own materials and packaging to contribute to a more mindful way of life and provide carbon neutral shipping on all orders.