Asano Shoten

Gifu chochin have been actively produced in the castle town of Gifu since the Edo period. These delicate paper lamps are a traditional craft of Japan made from high quality washi paper, carefully attached to a thin wire frame. 

For over 100 years, Asano Shoten has been skillfully crafting traditional Gifu lanterns, passing on the skills of the craft from generation to generation. Continuing to protect and nurture the elegant and delicate chochin craft, Asano sources only premium local materials before handcrafting each lamp in their Gifu workshop. 

Breathing renewed life into an ancient craft, Asano Shoten has developed a series of minimalist lanterns to complement modern lifestyles. Remaining stubbornly particular about Japanese paper lamps, Asano maintains traditional techniques while continuing to create contemporary designs. A handpicked selection of our favourite pieces from their range can be found in our collection.

A close up of a washi paper lamp being made by Asano Shoten craftsmen in Gifu, Japan
Mara Chochin paper lamp on a side table