Awagami Factory

Awagami Factory and the Fujimori family have a rich history with the 1300 year old artform of Awa Washi paper. Determined to preserve the washi paper craft, despite the rise of Western paper following World War II, 6th generation Minoru Fujimori first began what is now Awagami Factory. For over 70 years, the family has continued their longstanding washi traditions in an effort to preserve it and pass it on to the next generation.

Japanese washi paper is made from the fibres of the paper mulberry plant, a resource that reaches maturity within 1-2 years, causing significantly less harm to the environment than traditional Western papers.

Continuing the spirit of washi paper’s sustainability, Awagami maintains a caring and nurturing focus on the environment using these renewable plants and recycling all water used during production.

Each of the Awagami pieces in our collection are handmade, hand-dyed, and handbound.

Mixing washi paper pulp into water
Cleaning kozo to make washi paper
Washi paper being painted with natural dye