Kohchosai Kosuga

Bamboo has been an important material in Japanese culture for thousands of years. Used both functionally and artistically throughout history, there is a lasting reverence for skilled bamboo craftsmanship in Japan. 

Starting in 1898, Kohchosai Kosuga began as the purveyor of bamboo crafts to the Japanese Imperial family.  The family business has since been carrying on the traditions of bamboo crafts for many generations. Today, Kohchosai Kosuga aims to create bamboo products that enrich daily lives. They combine the tradition of bamboo crafts with modern design sensibilities to create a collection of artful handcrafts and functional items.

We had the privilege of being guided through their entire collection by the current, and fifth generation company president on our recent visit to Kyoto. Having discovered their speciality incense on our very first trip to Japan, it was a wonderful experience reconnecting with the brand. 

A hand selected assortment of Kohchosai Kosuga bamboo crafts and incense can be found in our collection. 

A pile of Japanese bamboo spoons and rice servers
Japanese bamboo wine cooler filled with ice and a bottle of champagne
Noshi Flower Vase with flowers on a side table