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Awagami Factory

Watoji Notebook | Indigo "Aizome"

Watoji Notebook | Indigo "Aizome"

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This washi paper notebook is hand-dyed with indigo dye from the Tokushima Prefecture. Each cover is individually dipped by hand before binding. Watoji is a traditional Japanese bookbinding technique that binds the pages using thread. The 40 pages of Shirakawa paper are suitable for water-based pens, ballpoint pens, and writing brushes.

Since indigo is a natural dye, the colour may change with time.

240mm x 80mm

Handcrafted in Yoshinogawa

Awagami Factory has a rich history with the 1000 year old artform of Awa Washi paper. For over 70 years, Awagami Factory and the Fujimori family have been inheriting and preserving the traditional culture of Japanese paper.


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