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Senryuzan Kiln

Shira Hagi Teacup

Shira Hagi Teacup

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This simple design of this cup allows Senryuzan Kiln's white ash glaze to be on full display. This type of design is perfect for enjoying Hagi yaki's nanabake process, also called the "Seven Disguises of Hagi yaki". Even after firing, Hagi yaki remains porous and absorbent, allowing tea and other liquids to seep into the pores of the clay, changing the colour of each piece over time. After you buy a piece, you still have a lot to look forward to.

Height: 70mm
Width: 90mm
Capacity: 180ml 

As each item is handmade, slight size and colour variations may exist between items.

Handcrafted in Hagi 

Senryuzan Kiln was founded just before the end of the Edo period in 1826. Since then, it has honoured the traditional spirit and culture of Hagi yaki. Now, led by Akira Yoshiga, Senryuzan Kiln continues to practice traditional methods of the craft. On our most recent visit to Hagi, we joined Yoshiga-san for a tour through their studios and museum. The small team of artists make their own clays and glazes using traditional techniques and continue to carefully craft each piece on kick wheels. Each of these traditional practices are symbolic of Senryuzan Kiln's approach to Hagi yaki.

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