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Takayama Chasen Whisk | Black Bamboo

Takayama Chasen Whisk | Black Bamboo

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A highly sought after black bamboo matcha whisk artisan crafted in Takayama, Nara. YUGEN hand select the highest quality chasen whisks to use in their matcha tea ceremonies. Takayama chasen are extremely flexible, making it an excellent tool for brewing fine and smooth matcha tea. Each step in the crafting process is carefully executed by artisan craftsmen using traditional techniques. The result, a beautiful chasen skilfully prepared to last. 

To prolong the life of your chasen, we recommend using a whisk stand to help maintain the whisk's shape between brews. 

Handcrafted in Takayama, Nara Prefecture

Focusing on curating a range of the finest single origin green teas, YUGEN emphasises the transparency of origin for all their tea products. With a primary focus on Kyoto and Uji tea, YUGEN provide the highest quality Japanese tea and matcha from across the country.

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