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Masanori Makino

Hagi Tokkuri Sake Bottle

Hagi Tokkuri Sake Bottle

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A beautifully minimal sake bottle handmade by Makino-san. Soft pink hues cut through the white ash glaze, complementing the clay body underneath. This traditional sake bottle shape was originally designed to prevent heat from escaping when heating sake to serve warm.  Suitable for serving both cold and warm sake, this bottle pairs perfectly with Makino-san's yohen sake cups.

Capacity: 300ml 

Handcrafted in Hagi

On our most recent trip, Makino-san and his wife welcomed us into their studio in the quiet outskirts of Hagi City. Positioned at the entrance of his gallery store, Makino-san proudly displays his certificate as a Certified Master of Traditional Crafts (Dentōkugei-shi). A true custodian of the traditional art form of Hagi Yaki, Makino-san is recognised as one of the hardest work Hagi Yaki artisans in the city. Only firing once per year, he spends the rest of the year preparing the materials and vessels for the next firing. He carries out every step of the process by hand, including digging his own clay, cutting down the trees and collecting the rice straw for his ash glazes, and crafting every unique piece by hand on his kick wheel. In 2018, Makino-san built the newest climbing kiln in Hagi, maybe the last step kiln to be built in the region.

No two pieces by Makino-san are alike, every vessel is a rare taste of a centuries old art form. 

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