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ORIGAMI Coffee Dripper

ORIGAMI Coffee Dripper

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The ORIGAMI coffee dripper is for the coffee lover who loves a touch of colour in their life. It's bright colouring and vertical grooves are reminiscent of origami sculptures. The 20 calculated 'folds' provide a path for air to pass between the paper and the dripper. This stabilises the speed at which hot water flows, regulating the brew time to support an ideal extraction. 

We also have ORIGAMI's range of Dripper Holders and Filter Papers in our collection. 

Brews 2-4 cups
Made with Mino porcelain
Suitable with both cone and flat bottom filter papers

Handmade in Gifu Prefecture

Aiming to make coffee tools both functional and fun, ORIGAMI creates a range of colourful and effective barista tools. Their products are designed alongside professional baristas to ensure they offer long lasting performance even with daily use. 

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