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Kamawanu Tenugui | "Seigaiha" Blue Ocean Waves

Kamawanu Tenugui | "Seigaiha" Blue Ocean Waves

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Tenugui is both a decorative and functional item. In Japan, they are used as washcloths, headbands, gift wrapping, bags, placemats, scarves, and even hung as art.

The appeal of tenugui is that the more you wash them, the softer they become. By using tenugui for a long time, one can enjoy the subtle changes that occur with prolonged use. Because the yarn is dyed all the way through, the fabric does not become stiff with time. It remains highly absorbent and dries easily.

Size: 30cm x 90cm
Material: Cotton

Handmade in Tokyo

Caring for your tenugui
As each tenugui is hand dyed, the colours may run. Wash it separately from other items for the first few washes. We recommend washing your tenugui by hand without detergents. Allow to dry completely before packing away or in your bag.

The short ends of your tenugui will fray between 3mm and 5mm from the ends. Simply cut away loose threads as they occur. 

Bringing life and colour to a traditional daily item in Japan, KAMAWANU live by their philosophy to “revisit the old to create a new way of playfulness". The patterns on their designs are fresh and modern, yet inspired by historic Japanese aesthetics. KAMAWANU tenugui are made to last, even with daily use.
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