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Kohchosai Kosuga

Half Moon Placemat

Half Moon Placemat

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This elegant, half moon shaped placemat uses a bamboo veneer to showcase the subtle bamboo grain. The straight edge fits flush with the table. The placemat is durable and easy to clean, even with daily use. 

The half moon symbolises an auspicious future and is popularly used in celebrations throughout Japan. 

Due to the use of natural materials, there may be slight differences in the finished size, colour, and grain.


Since 1898, Kohchosai Kosuga has created bamboo products to enrich daily lives. They combine the tradition of bamboo crafts with modern design sensibilities to create a collection of artful handcrafts and functional items. Still run by the Kosuga family today, we had the privilege of being guided through their entire collection by the current president on our recent visit to Kyoto.

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