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Cul de Sac

Filhiba Bath Towel

Filhiba Bath Towel

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Japan is known for creating ultra soft towels, and this is no exception. With soft gauze on one side and pile on the other, the Filhiba bath towel remains thin, light and gentle to the touch. The towel combines organic cotton with Cul de Sac's signature Filhiba fabric; a hiba-infused rayon that maintains the antibacterial and deodorising effects of Aomori hiba.

Filhiba towels are dyed with natural dyes made from the Aomori hiba tree. Hiba leaves are used to create a green dye and hiba bark is used to create a brown dye.

Size: 65 x 138cm
Also available as face towels.

Handcrafted in Tokyo

Caring for Filhiba
To prolong the antibacterial and deodorising effects of Filhiba fabric, we recommend adding 2-3 drops of hiba wood oil to your detergent in every wash.
Dry in the shade.

Cul de Sac
One of Japan's most precious timbers, Aomori Hiba has been used in the construction of temples and shrines for thousands of years. Hiba wood is naturally antibacterial, deodorising and beautifully aromatic. Cul de Sac designs and manufactures a range of relaxing and functional hiba products for the home. With sustainability at the core of their processes, Cul de Sac uses every part of the tree to minimise manufacturing waste.

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