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Sohei Matsuno

Ceremonial Chawan Tea Bowl

Ceremonial Chawan Tea Bowl

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This well-shaped matcha tea bowl is a stunning example of Japanese teaware. When cupped in two hands, the bowl sits perfectly for the drinker, allowing a comfortable grip to enjoy the aromas and flavours of their matcha. The ripples along the body create a sense of wabi sabi and connection with the maker. Splashes of red hues can be found across the vessel before settling at the bowl's foot. Matsuno-san's tea bowl is a true delight for any passionate matcha drinker.

Hagi yaki is highly regarded in Japan as a premium choice of teaware. The porous nature of Hagi yaki allows the matcha tea to absorb into the clay, seasoning the vessel for fuller flavour in subsequent brews. This process can also change the colour of the vessel over time, developing a unique bond with its user.

This one of kind chawan comes in a beautiful, custom made wooden box signed by Matsuno-san.

Height: 90mm
Width: 160mm

Handcrafted in Hagi

Perched on a quiet street overlooking a field of rice paddies, Sohei Matsuno's gallery and studio is home to an exquisite array of Hagi yaki styles. Adding a contemporary approach to this traditional form, Matsuno-san's work features glaze colours not traditionally seen in Hagi yaki. Alongside his traditional works, it is not uncommon to find deep ruby reds, bright blues and greens, and even his signature mauve glaze. We had the pleasure of meeting Matsuno-san and learning about his studio on our recent visit to Hagi. Previously his father's studio, home to six working artists, Matsuno-san now works on his own, regularly filling the large studio with students in his ceramic classes. His father's work can still be seen on display in their traditional climbing kiln alongside the studio.

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