Our Favourite Japanese Gifts and Souvenirs

Our Favourite Japanese Gifts and Souvenirs

Japan is renowned for its rich culture, exquisite craftsmanship, and fun souvenirs that capture the essence of your travels. When visiting Japan, shopping for Japanese gifts and souvenirs can be a fun part of the experience. Popular souvenir stores like Don Quijote and Loft offer a vast array of items that make perfect mementos for your loved ones. At OKAERI, we have a selection of favourite Japanese gifts that we believe truly embody the spirit of Japan. Here are some of our favourite items we bring home each time we visit Japan.

Popular Japanese Souvenir Shops

When it comes to shopping for souvenirs in Japan, two stores stand out for their diverse and high-quality offerings: Don Quijote and Loft.

Don Quijote: Often referred to as "Donki," this popular discount store is a treasure trove of unique and affordable souvenirs. With multiple locations across Japan, Don Quijote offers everything from snacks and drinks to cosmetics and electronics. It's the perfect place to find quirky and cute gifts. It’s also a great place to stock up on the Japanese skincare products you can’t get at home (if you know, you know).

Loft: Known for its stylish and innovative products, Loft is a must-visit for those seeking high-quality souvenirs. With a focus on design and functionality, Loft's range includes stationery home goods, and more. This is the ideal destination for your stationery-loving friends and family. We’ve been known to stop at Loft on the way to the airport to fill the last space in our bags with cute pens, cards and notepads.

Our Favourite Japanese Gifts and Souvenirs

At OKAERI, we have curated a selection of our favourite Japanese gifts that we believe are perfect for bringing a touch of Japan into your home or sharing with loved ones.

Japanese Incense

Japanese incense
, or kō (香), is an integral part of Japan's cultural and spiritual heritage. It has been used for centuries in religious ceremonies, meditation, and daily life to purify spaces and create a calming atmosphere. Our favourite Japanese incense is crafted with natural ingredients and traditional techniques, offering a serene and fragrant experience. Japanese incense brings the aromas of Japan home with you to share with your loved ones. You can personalise your gift by selecting a scent that resonated with you, allowing you to impart a memory with your gift.

Japanese Tea and Matcha

A soot bamboo tea scoop with a scoop of Japanese matcha
Japanese tea
, especially matcha, is renowned for its rich flavour and numerous health benefits. Matcha, a finely ground green tea powder, is a staple in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies and is celebrated for its vibrant colour and antioxidant properties. We offer a selection of premium Japanese teas and matcha that are perfect for tea enthusiasts. These teas make excellent gifts, allowing recipients to enjoy the authentic taste of Japan in the comfort of their own homes. Even before OKAERI began, we gifted our favourite matcha from YUGEN after every trip. 

Japanese Chopsticks

Japanese chopsticks
, or hashi (箸), are a quintessential part of Japanese dining culture. Crafted with precision and care, Japanese chopsticks come in a variety of materials and designs. We feature beautifully crafted chopsticks made from wood and bamboo, known for their durability and elegance. These chopsticks make a practical and stylish gift that brings a touch of Japanese tradition to every meal. You will find chopsticks in almost every city you visit. It is always fun finding your favourite set to bring home!

Additional Souvenir Ideas

Beyond incense, tea, and chopsticks, there are countless other Japanese souvenirs worth considering. Traditional clothing items like kimono and yukata are a popular choice if you have space in your bags. Japanese ceramics and pottery make wonderful gifts. Just be sure they are wrapped securely in your luggage. We’ve experienced the sad unboxing of a broken bowl or two. Japanese tenugui and furoshiki are the perfect way to wrap gifts and souvenirs. The beautiful cloth wrapping is a gift in itself! Modern items, such as Japanese stationery, electronics, and fashion accessories also make great gifts. Japan has a beautiful mix of tradition and modern advancement. There are gifts and souvenirs to match any and everyone at home!

Japanese gifts with OKAERI

Souvenirs while travelling can be fun, little ways to share your experience with everyone at home. Whether you're shopping in popular stores like Don Quijote and Loft or browsing our curated collection at OKAERI, Japanese gifts and souvenirs offer a unique way to bring home the beauty and tradition of Japan. Explore our collection of Japanese gifts to find the perfect gift that captures the essence of Japan and brings a touch of its timeless charm into your loved one’s life.

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